webmail interface: access and manage your email account via internet browser
mail manager: create and manage email accounts under your domain
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Hosting Plan  Lite Standard Premium
Setup Fee  S$10 S$10 S$10
Monthly Charges  S$5/mth S$10/mth S$15/mth
Web Space  50 MB 100 MB 200 MB
Data Transfer  Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
POP3 Email  10 20 40
Mailbox Space  50 MB 100 MB 200 MB
Max Mail Size  5 MB 5 MB 5 MB
SMTP Mail Server  Yes Yes Yes
Webmail Interface  Yes Yes Yes
Mail Manager  Yes Yes Yes
FTP Account  Yes Yes Yes
FTP Access  Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Traffic Stats  Yes Yes Yes
ASP (.php)  Yes Yes Yes
ASP.NET (.phpx)  Yes Yes Yes
PHP (.php)  Yes Yes Yes
Perl (.pl)  Yes Yes Yes
CGI-Bin  Yes Yes Yes
Javascript  Yes Yes Yes
Shockwave, Flash  Yes Yes Yes
Access Database  Yes Yes Yes
MySQL Database  Optional Optional Optional
phpMyAmin  Optional Optional Optional
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Email Forwarding
Through your Mail Manager, you can set specific email aliases to forward email to one or multiple addresses.

Email messages that are set to automatically reply when someone sends a message to a certain email address. This can be set under the Mail Manager.

SMTP Mail Server
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is used to send your outgoing mails to other email accounts.

Webmail Interface
If you are on the road, and/or not using email clients like Outlook or Eudora, you can still check your mail from our webmail interface.

Mail Manager
Our Mail Manager makes it easy to set up and maintain your email accounts. You can create new email accounts, auto responders, forward email, and more.

FTP Access
File Transfer Protocol is a method of transferring files between computers. We offer unlimited FTP access to your webserver.

Traffic Stats
Making use of AWStats, one of the leading real-time logfile analyzer for advanced statistics, you will be able to view the detailed breakdown of the traffics of your site. Click here for stats demo.

ASP (.php)
Our servers support ASP, a scripting language used to write short programs that are embedded in a web page.

ASP.NET (.phpx)
Our servers support ASP.NET, a scripting language used to write short programs that are embedded in a web page.

PHP (.php)
Our servers support PHP, a scripting language used to write short programs that are embedded in a web page.

Perl (.pl)
Add functionality to your website using Perl, the script language of choice for Web developers.

The CGI-Bin is where you store your CGI scripts, executable programs that manipulate data from a web server. You will have direct access to your own CGI-Bin to manage your scripts.

Spice up the interfaces of your webpages using Javascript.

Shockwave, Flash
Enchance the graphic experiences on your pages using Shockwave or Flash files.

Access Database
You can create and upload your MS Access Database via FTP, and access it using DNSless connection from your webpages.

MySQL Database (Optional)
MySQL is an SQL-based database engine that allows you to create searchable, database-driven websites and much more.

phpMyAdmin (Optional)
Manage your MySQL database with a simple Web-based interface. PhpMyAdmin is a user-friendly alternative to administering a MySQL database from the command line.