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Power Webbing Development was formerly known as Equinox-8, and has been serving our clients since 2001. Our operation is based and housed in Singapore, targeted at providing affordable services to local corporates, businesses and individuals.

Back then in Equinox-8, we only cater two main stream of services: web designing and hosting for clients who had their websites developed by us.

Today, Power Webbing Development has evolved to provide more than just that. Our services are now more complete and established. We offer wide range of web and email hosting not only to corporate client, but to the general public who wish to express themselve in the world-wide-web.

At Power Webbing Development we believe the web is a very important business tool. Finding new ways to use the web and integrating it with your company is what we are here for.

Professional and affordable website design, hosting, and maintenance services for business of all sizes that want to establish an internet presence.